Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Zagreb

Date created: 29.08.2019.
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On the occasion of celebrating its jubilee 70th iteration, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb Tourist Board, the greatest and most significant Croatian festival, one of the oldest festivals in Europe – the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – is coming to Zagreb in September. Zagreb cultural institutions and artists have been an indispensable part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s program for decades as well as permanent guests of the Festival in the summer months. On the occasion of the 70th Festival iteration, this significant cooperation will be celebrated with Dubrovnik coming to Zagreb. In September, the diverse program of this pop-up version of the greatest Croatian festival will present the Zagreb audience and visitors of the city with the best of the drama and music program of the festival, mostly works of Croatian and Dubrovnik artists.

Friday, 6 September, 9:00 pm




Bojan Čičić, violin; Franko Klisović, countertenor; Elin White, Ana Vasić, violins; Hiwote Tadesse, viola; Lea Sušanj Lujo, cello; Stjepan Nodilo, Manuela Maria Mitterer, classic oboe; Hermann Ebner, Atay Bagci, classic horn; Izidor Erazem Grafenauer, theorbo; Tomislav Fačini, harpsichord

Sorkočević, Händel, Vivaldi


This summer, the Dubrovnik audience had the chance to revel in the Music of Dubrovnik Summerhouses performed by first-rate musicians in the Rector's Palace atrium, and now this unique concert program will be presented to Zagreb audiences on 6 September under the clear skies of the Gradec Plateau. The program comprises four symphonies by Luka Sorkočević – the first Croatian symphony composer, Händel’s Caesar’s aria from the first act of the opera Julius Caesar in Egypt and Vivaldi’s Judith’s aria from the first part of the oratorio Juditha Triumphans as well as the three-act concert composed on the occasion of the Feast of the Tongue of Saint Anthony of Padua. The delighted Dubrovnik audience greeted the end of each piece with great applause, and the entire concert with a standing ovation. Earlier this year, these excellent musicians recorded seven Sorkočević’s symphonies for the sound carrier Sorkočević 7, published by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, with the support of the Caboga Stiftung Foundation.


* Admission to the concert is free with previously picked-up tickets. They can be picked up at the Tourist Information Center on Ban Jelačić Square 6 (Harmica Passage) from 3 September.



Sunday, 8 September at 11 am and 6 pm

Zagreb Puppet Theater

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: THE LITTLE PRINCE

IVAN JOSIP SKENDER composer and conductor



The Little Prince has become a mythical piece of world literature that has produced dozens of film, theater and music adaptations. The magic, in the case of our performance, is music, and we will use it to turn the Zagreb Puppet Theater, after the Rector's palace, into space and the desert and to try to awaken in the children exactly what the work itself is trying to do - to see what is not there, what is merely indicated, to exercise their imagination. Encouraged by last year's success of the children’s program, the Festival has prepared for its 70th iteration a premiere of the Little Prince musical, which was composed and conducted, based on the most famous work of the celebrated French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, by Ivan Josip Skender and directed by Hrvoje Korbar.

The ensemble includes Livio Badurina (Pilot/grownups), Rok Juričić (the Little Prince) and Marija Kuhar Šoša (Rose/Fox/Snake). The set design and costume design is by Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin. The orchestra is made up of a dozen of Dubrovnik's best musicians.

* Tickets at the price of 20 Kuna are available on the ZPT website:



Friday, 13 September at 8 pm

Zagreb Youth Theater




The play Under the Balconies, was created based on the motifs of the eponymous novella collection by Ranko Marinković, directed by Darijo Harjaček and written by Vedrana Klepica and the director. Actress Nataša Kopeč won the Orlando for best artistic achievement in the drama program of the 69th Festival for the role of Oliva, which she embodies masterfully in this play. Just like last summer, the Festival audience at the 70th Festival recognized Marinković’s sharp criticism of society and the stunning modernity of the text, as well as its similarity with the present political, social and economic moment. The end of the play was followed by a long applause and standing ovation, rewarding a brilliant performance of the Festival Drama Ensemble, all of whom turned in fantastic performances of Marinković’s characters: Marko Makovičić, Doris Šarić Kukuljica, Helena Buljan, Maro Martinović, Jerko Marčić, Nikša Butijer, Dušan Gojić, Ugo Korani, Livio Badurina, Nataša Kopeč, Linda Begonja, Jelena Miholjević, Ema Pralas as well as Josip Brakus, Marin Klišmanić and Ivan Pašalić. The set design is by Vesna Režić, costume design by Doris Kristić, music by Nenad Sinkauz, and light design by Elvis Butković.

* The tickets at the price of 70 Kuna are available on the ZKM website:



Tuesday, 17 September at 8 pm

Cultural Informative Center, 2nd floor        

Opening of the Exhibition



The exhibition Behind the Festival by photographer Marko Ercegović is dedicated to the “invisible” process behind the creation of the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It opened in Dubrovnik on 17 August, and exactly one month later it will be shown to Zagreb audiences.

Marko Ercegović is one of the official photographers of the Dubrovnik Summer Games, and during his long career as a photographer, he left a big mark in theater photography. Although he otherwise captures great photos of the actors on stage, this summer he also focused his lens on behind-the-scenes workers: tailors, stage workers, directors and actors just before or after the show, as well as after the events at the Festival Palace, thus capturing moments for the photo archives that the audience would otherwise not see. His idea was to shoot photographs for the 70th anniversary in a way that documents the process of the creation, to capture, in addition to the usual backstage photographs, the workers of the Festival. This is the community that the exhibition is dedicated to, a community that, despite the overwhelming monoculture of tourism, preserves knowledge of how to stage and construct theaters, tailor costumes or cut wooden structures, organize and produce the arrival and rehearsal of an entire philharmonic or a dozen theater troupes, and at the same time preserves the skill of three generations devoted to successfully pushing a truck of iron construction across Stradun through the summer crowd. Suck knowledge and skills make this anniversary possible, says Marko Ercegović.

* Entrance is free, and the exhibition will be open until 26 September.



Wednesday, 25 September at 8 pm

Blagoje Bersa concert hall, Zagreb Music Academy


This summer, the numerous Festival audience enjoyed in the superb jazz program of the world-renowned Avishai Cohen Trio, which performed at the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival under the auspices of Mastercard on the crowded patio of the Revelin Fort. These world jazz masters will also hold a concert in front of the Zagreb audience as part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Zagreb on September 25 2019 in the Blagoje Bersa concert hall of the Zagreb Music Academy.  

With their energetic and striking performance, the excellent musicians delighted the Dubrovnik audience by performing mostly the music from their latest album Arvoles, which critics found interesting and diverse, an album that "the more you listen to, the more you love". Critics claim that their concerts are "unique and inimitable and a real privilege for all the lucky present ones," while DowBeat magazine calls the trio "a jazz visionary on a global scale." Having found the perfect musical combination, Cohen and his trio released three studio albums: Gently Disturbed, From Darkness and the most recent one Arvoles, released only a month ago, giving the audience "mysterious, mystical, magical but extraordinary" music influenced by classical jazz and classical music, be-bop and hard-bop, swing, hip-hop and African-Caribbean beats. Davor Hrvoj rated the Avishai Cohen Trio’s Dubrovnik concert as a first-rate musical event, which mesmerized the numerous audiences. Cohen’s music, he concludes, has a healing power for those who fully indulge in it.

On the day of the concert, at 5 pm in the Bersa hall, students of the Academy (particularly singing and contrabass students, as well as all others interested) will have the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a workshop held by Avishai Cohen himself.

* Tickets at the price of 180 Kuna are available via the service: