Date created: 03.08.2014.

The premiere of a stage play motivated by Džemila Bukovica’s “War Diary”, directed by Ante Vlahinić, will be performed on Tuesday, 5th August on National Victory and Thanksgiving Day, which is also the Day of Croatian Defendors, at 9.30 p.m. in the Aquarium.

Date created: 22.09.2018.

Future Epics, a project co-financed by EU funds which will be carried out by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival with partners during the next two years, was presented on 22 September, at the Festival Palace as part of Cultural Heritage Days in Dubrovnik 2018.

Date created: 19.09.2018.

In an interview with musicologist and our Assistant Artistic Director for innovative cultural practices Karolina Rugle, Cameron Carpenter reveals his impressions of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, of music, and classical music especially, organ as an instrument, an experience of being an artist... Read the interview and find out more about the intellectual, individualistic, one might even say eccentric, persona behind one of the world greatest and most interesting organists.