Comedy "Uncle Maroje" in the Art School park

Date created: 13.07.2016.

Theatre M&M with students of the University of Zagreb will perform the comedy “Uncle Maroje” by Dubrovnik born Renaissance author  Marin Držić on Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 July at 21:30 in the Art School park. Dramaturg and director of this play is prof. Mira Muhoberac who shows this comedy as she imagines that Držić himself could have originally imagine it in the Town Hall of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1551. As in numerous other projects her faithful collaborator and advisor is her sister, prof. Vesna Muhoberac.

One of the many positive reviews of this show, premiered at the City Drama Theatre Gavella in March this year, points out that the students' music, singing, costumes and set design create the right atmosphere of the Renaissance. Prof. Mira Muhoberac displayed “Uncle Maroje” at the unprecedented and unique way. Students on stage created a beautiful atmosphere and are visibly enjoying every moment of the play. Their excellent performance proved that Držić’s works remain fresh and attract a big audience. Držić was undoubtedly a classic of Croatian literature, and a group of actors with their performance convincingly demonstrated that Fortuna is on their side and that this is the play that is certainly worth a look.