"Correcting Rhythm" to be premiered at Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb on 18 November

Date created: 07.11.2017.

Correcting Rhythm (Ispravci ritma), a co-production of the BADco. Theatre Collective, the Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be premiered at the Croatian National Theatre Sound Studio on Saturday, 18 November, with repeat performances on 23 November, 10 and 16 December 2017. Tickets are available online here. Play will also be performed at the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Someone makes the decision,

And someone suffers the consequences of the made decision.

Someone attacks to correct the rhythm,

And someone allows to be attacked correct the rhythm.

- Goran Ferčec: Correcting Rhythm

Correcting Rhythm is a theatre production rooted in the crisis of the cognitive framework of the dramatic situation, the explosion of analysis, observation and presentation in terms of suspended causality. A disrupted rhythm is the precondition for a rerun of analytical obsession. Everything is there, everything in its totality, all proportions in all their respects, and nothing emerges out of anything. The rhythm of the body with the rhythm of the society with the rhythm of the planet - perceived as arrhythmia. Relative events. The explosion happened. The murder happened. How do we show what we encountered here? What can we say what was there before? What happened next? How do we show it? How?

Forty years after Pavao Pavličić wrote his short story The Good Spirit of Zagreb we return to the topic of a man's obsession with the rhythm of a city, the rhythm of its crimes, in Goran Ferčec's text Correcting Rhythm.

The production sets off with an inquiry of the very building of the Croatian National Theatre and the inner organization of a space that becomes an observatory of the square below it, the city, territory and cosmos that surround it. The seldom-used Sound Studio transforms into a cabinet that houses a collection of wondrous apparatuses and evidence of an event the production traces.

The production gathers an exceptional team of collaborators: the writer Goran Ferčec as the author of its text, visual artists Marko Tadić as set designer and Silvio Vujičić as costume designer, Austrian composer Radu Malfatti and Alen Sinkauz and Nenad Sinkauz as authors of music and sound. The artistic team of the production is also comprised of the director Goran Sergej Pristaš, choreographer Nikolina Pristaš, dramaturgs Ivana Ivković, Tomislav Medak and Diana Meheik.

Performed by BADco. members Ana Kreitmeyer and Nikolina Pristaš and by members of the Drama of the Croatian National Theatre Livio Badurina, Mislav Čavajda and Duško Gojić, with music performed by member of the orchestra of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Bošnjak.

The BADco. is a Zagreb-based collaborative performance collective, whose artcore includes Ivana Ivković, Ana Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristaš, Nikolina Pristaš and Zrinka Užbinec. From its establishment in 2000, the BADco. has focused on a systematic research of the performance, presentation and observation protocols, by structuralizing its projects within the form- and perception-wise different relations and contexts. Owing to its reconfiguring of established relations between performance and audience, exploring the given perspective and performance architectonics, and problematizing the communication structures, the BADco. has established itself as a major international artistic phenomenon offering unique theatrical experience.