A Dedication to the Baroque in a Virtuosic Performance by Andrea Padova

Date created: 20.07.2014.

Swaying performances of Scarlatti’s sonatas contrasted Bach’s “French Ouverture” before last night’s audience, which comfortably filled out the Rector’s Palace Atrium and enjoyed the enchanting melodies. Three more homages to the mentioned artists were performed, along with Part’s meditative “Für Alina“. Nearly the entire programme was dedicated to the pure Baroque style, with only a few 20th century interventions with the mentioned short homages from the likes of G. Kurtág, G. Petrassi and H. Dutilleux. Maestro Padova showed great respect towards the severe style, which was best presented by his performance of Bach’s “French Ouverture”, gliding seamlessly from movement into movement. Padova introduced one of his own works - a peaceful composition, much like Part’s “Für Alina - as an encore.

Based on the delivered performance, the Festival’s audience had no choice but to agree with the critics, who consider Padova an exceptionally talented musician who transfuses sound into poetry and is one of the leading interpreters of Bach and 20th century music.