Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Zagreb in September

Date created: 30.08.2019.

On the occasion of celebrating its jubilee 70th edition, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb Tourist Board, the greatest and most significant Croatian festival, one of the oldest festivals in Europe – the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – is coming to Zagreb in September.

Zagreb cultural institutions and artists have been an indispensable part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s program for decades as well as permanent guests of the Festival in the summer months. On the occasion of the 70th Festival iteration, this significant cooperation will be celebrated with Dubrovnik coming to Zagreb. In September, the diverse program of this pop-up version of the greatest Croatian festival will present the Zagreb audience and visitors of the city with the best of the drama and music program of the festival, mostly works of Croatian and Dubrovnik artists.

The program will be launched on 6 September by the Music of the Dubrovnik Summer Villas on the Gradec Plateau, followed by two performances of the Little Prince on 8 September in the Zagreb Puppet Theater, a performance of the play Under the Balconies in the Zagreb Youth Theater on September 13, while the exhibition Festival Backstage showcasing photographs by Marko Ercegović will be opened in the Cultural Information Center from 17 to 26 September. The program will be concluded by a superb jazz concert performed by the Avishai Cohen Trio on 25 Septmeber in the Blagoje Bersa concert hall of the Zagreb Music Academy.

The Festival’s Director, Dora Ruždjak Podolski, and Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, have announced this program at the final press conference held on Sunday, 25 August, in Dubrovnik. Martina Bienenfeld noted it was a great honor to be in Dubrovnik and to announce a sort of pop-up version of the Festival to be organized in Zagreb in September on the occasion of the anniversary of this great and important Festival. Noting the tourism trend of most people in Europe travelling for cultural reasons, she expressed her belief that this mini festival would surely attract many visitors. She also emphasized that Dubrovnik and Zagreb are not only culturally connected, but very active in numerous presentations and fairs all over the world, which is why this presents a continuation of the excellent cooperation of the two cities, concluding she hopes this is the beginning of a beautiful new summer tradition.


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