Linđo on the Revelin Fort Terrace

Date created: 19.07.2016.

Linđo Folklore Enesemble traditional performances on the Revelin Fort Terrace are starting on 20 July at 21:30. Additional performances will be held on 28 July, 7 August and 12 August.

This year we celebrate the fifty years of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble performances at the Festival. The anniversary was celebrated by a festive concert held on 12 July in front of St. Blaise’s Church. Linđo will have additonal four performances at 67th Festival. Their traditional performances on the Revelin Fort Terrace present the richness and beauty of the Croatian folk songs and dances, interesting to foreign and domestic audiences. The program includes the Linđo dance after which the ensemble takes its name, but also dances from other parts of Croatia - Zaprešić, Međimurje, Baranja, Vrlika, Slavonia and traditional songs of Bunjevac and Šokac Croats.

Folklore Ensemble Linđo constantly gathers 200 to 300 young men and women, ages 12-30. By dancing, singing and playing in the original costumes, Linđo dancers with their dynamic and live performances, repertoire diversity, attractive and well-prepared performances testify to the richness of the culture of their homeland. Croatian as well as global audience has recognized the identity of the Linđo Ensemble: a blend of serenity, joy, youth and love on the one side and choreographic, musical and performing precise and energetic performances on the other.

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