Renaissance Garden project on 29 June and 2 July in Bunić Caboga Summer Villa

Date created: 13.06.2018.

The Renaissance Garden project is based on the contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage. Music is the main source to revive the spirits of the past, and contemporary music performances in the authentic ambience of the old Dubrovnik summer villas bring an unusual experience of art to the audience. Project presents musicians who appear as fairies, mythical creatures from the legends of the Ombla river, where numerous old villas are situated. They present the renewal of life in the gardens of the Dubrovnik Renaissance summer villas. Each performance of this project is an artistic intervention of the revival of the spaces where rich cultural and social life was once held, thus this summer villas become a common gathering place for the local population and tourists. This authoring project is conceived and performed by The Rest is Music organisation, realized and supported by Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Caboga Stiftung and City of Dubrovnik.

Performances in Bunic Caboga Summer Villa:

Friday, 29 June at 9 pm

Monday, 2 July at 9 pm

Bus transfer is included in the ticket price. The bus departs from the Pile Gate at 8.30 pm, stops at the bus stop in Vukovarska Street on the way to the Villa, and returns right after the concert.

Tickets are available online  and at the Box Office at the Festival Palace (Od Sigurate 1, Old City). The Box Office is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.