Second Drama Premiere Sold Out

Date created: 08.08.2014.

A masterpiece of the Croatian Renaissance literature, Marin Držić’s comedy “Uncle Maroje” is one of the highlights of national drama literature and a brilliant text in which the author wittily speaks out about Dubrovnik, its citizens and their lifestyles. The connection between this Držić’s comedy and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival has been present since the very beginning of the Festival, with the last adaptation taking place fourteen years ago under the direction of Ivica Kunčević on Peskarija. 

The play is directed by Krešimir Dolenčić, dramaturgy is by Mila Pavićević, scene design by Dinka Jeričević, costume design by Doris Kristić, while Maro Martinović took on the role of Dundo Maroje, Nikša Butijer the role of Bokčilo, Filip Detelić plays Maro, Frano Mašković plays Pomet, Petar Leventić stars as Popiva, Ksenija Marinković as Laura, and Srđana Šimunović as Petrunjela.