Date created: 16.05.2016.
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PRODUCTION Zagreb Dance Company 

PARTNER Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM)




PERFORMERS Petra Chelfi, Aleksandra Mišić, Martina Nevistić, Petra Valentić, Ognjen Vučinić, Nika Lilek

COSTUMES CHOSEN BY Kristina Jakovac Bangoura

MUSIC Departure, Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek, Journey 3, Max Richter

LIGHT DESIGNER Aleksandar Čavlek


Anything is a choreographic work for six dancers of the Zagreb Dance Company. The piece focuses on the idea that anything could happen in our life in the period between birth and death. There is no classical story, there are no characters, there are only dancers on the scene doing the thing they know how to do. The story evolves as a series of pictures situated between reality and a less real life, in a completely aesthetic frame. Everything comes from the body. This is the idea of Anything. The body in movement is a story for itself; the muscles contain everything that happened in our lives, and we are going to show a part of this. This is a dance of living bodies in an empty space. The piece begins in the internal world of a young woman. It starts with a woman because, although not alone, she is the only one who can give life, human life. And it ends with a man, because, although alone, he is not the only one who will die. And between them Anything could happen: love, happiness, separation and being together as the opposites of the emptiness of this world. It works its way to the altitudes in high heels and drops to the crawl of snakes through gestures, tics, embraces, need to love and be loved, and through fight. A world that responds directly to the eye and the ear. From there, it travels to places which could belong to dreams.



OPENING NIGHT October 30th, 2013, Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM)