Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb | W. Shakespeare: Hamlet

Date created: 17.01.2024.
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Ballet of Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb

W. Shakespeare: HAMLET


Choreographer and director: Leo Mujić

Music: P.I. Tchaikovsky, Camille Saint-Saëns

Set designer: Stefano Katunar

Costume designer: Manuela Paladin Šabanović

Dramaturgy, assistant to the choreographer, music selector: Balint Rauscher

Light designer: Aleksandar Čavlek

Sound designer: Svebor Zgurić

Assistant costume designer: Mia Rejc Prajninger

Assistant set designer: Aleksandra Vukićević

Painters: Tihana Cizelj, Mariana Nardini

Ballet masters: Milka Hribar Bartolović, Pavla Pećušak

Premiere held 17 November 2023 at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

Hamlet, the best known and performed work of Shakespeare, has been intriguing and inspiring artists all around the world for more than four centuries. The story about the son who cannot come to terms with the sudden death of his father and to whom the ghost of his father reveals the murderer, does not cease to enchant the spectators of all ages. The young prince dwells into a quest for the truth that leads him into unexpected situations in which he slowly discovers the decay in his own country. With a brilliantly led story and numerous parallel plots, Hamlet has long since outgrown his own character becoming a symbol of a human being who in himself unites love and doubt, joy and despair, wittiness and bitterness, intelligence and naivety, courage, and pretence, in short, all the features of the human race. Hamlet, besides being an intriguing story, is also a great tragedy that poses questions about the meaning of life, death, revenge, and a fight for the truth. In this work, Shakespeare has reached one of the peaks in his opus. With an abundance of characters, numerous intrigues, parallel stories and plots, Shakespeare's Hamlet is a timeless masterpiece that inspires artists of most diverse genres offering endless possibilities for interpretation. This famous tragedy will be staged by Leo Mujić, and the Ballet of the CNT in Zagreb will perform one more classic masterpiece in a new interpretation. This will be a large ensemble performance based on classical literature that will present to the audience a new ballet work that draws on the famous Shakespeare's original.


Foto (c) Novković