BOOK PRESENTATION | DARKO LUKIĆ: Introduction to Applied Theatre: Who Owns the Theatre?

Date created: 16.05.2017.
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Book presentation

In collaboration with Art Workshop Lazareti 

DARKO LUKIĆ: Introduction to Applied Theatre: Who Owns the Theatre?

Publisher: Leykam International Zagreb, 2016 

To whom theatre belongs? To its owners and founders? To its performers? To the society in which it exists? To all of them? To what extent and degree?

The book offers a concise and articulate insight into a quite extensive and diverse domain called Applied Theatre since the 1990s. It covers a wide spectre of performing practices which have developed since the 1970s (rooted in and based on - according to the book - much older traditions and experience), appearing under the names: community theatre, educational theatre, instructional theatre, development theatre, forum theatre, social theatre, etc.

Darko Lukić is a full time professor at the Zagreb University's Academy of Dramatic Art. He also teaches at the Zagreb Faculty of Arts' doctorial study of literature, performing arts, film and culture. He has taught at the Karl-Franzens University of  Graz (Austria), and guest-lectured at and collaborated with numerous universities in Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Darko Lukić received his doctoral degree in theatrology from the Zagreb Faculty of Arts in 2005, obtained his master's degree in dramaturgy from the Belgrade University's Faculty of Dramatic Arts in1990, and graduated in comparative literature, philosophy and theatrology from the Sarajevo Faculty of Arts in 1985.