Book presentation | Vedran Benić: The Thirteenth Island

Date created: 15.08.2021.
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The book comprises sixteen stories in which real-life and fictional characters of Dubrovnik intertwine in a series of real and fictional events. As he tells their stories, the author plays with Dubrovnik’s legends and historical figures in his own specific way, commenting on many key events in the City’s long history. The sea, ships and seafaring constitute the main link between the stories, as a homage to the industry that supported Dubrovnik and enabled its economic growth throughout the centuries.

The list of real-life characters in the book includes Vetranović, Držić, Vojnović and Stulli, to mention only some of those who are directly linked with the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as Miho Pracat, Anica and Ruđer Bošković and ship captains Ivo Šišević and Božidar Margaretić. Alongside fictional characters, all of them take part in numerous historical events and Dubrovnik’s legends, which are rarely based in history. In order to bridge the gap between reality and fiction, the book contains footnotes to make it seem like a piece of writing completely based on true events.

The programme includes screening of a special episode of the series ‘The Stories of the Originals’