City Puppet Theatre Split | Goga the Millipede

Date created: 09.06.2020.
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Goga the Millipede

City Puppet Theatre Split in co-production with Poco Loco Theatre


Andrijana Grgičević: GOGA THE MILLIPEDE


Directed and adapted by: Poco Loco Theatre (led by Renata Carola Gatica and Maja Katić)

Stage, puppets and costume design: Renata Carola Gatica and Florencia Troisi

Music: Ivana Đula and Luka Vrbanić

Lighting design: Lucijan Roki

Cast: Alin Antunović, Ivan Medić and Branimir Rakić

The enterprising Martin the Stink Bug, a posh butterfly and disciplined ants are only a part of the colourful forest shoemaking world – revealed through language, pictures, rhythm and rhyme – in the story of Goga the Millipede, a big fashion fan and shoe lover (quite expected for a millipede, isn’t it?). As Goga says, shoes mean a world to her, like flight to a bird, like honey to a bee, and she regularly shows off her new flip-flops, boots, high heels and slippers. But after she barely survives a sudden encounter with a hungry bird, she is literally left shoeless. Unhappy with her new, barefoot life, Goga sets out on a desperate search for what she considers her only treasure, and is joined by a snail who (guess what!) lives a carefree and easy life with no feet and no shoes at all. Left without her own shoes, during their journey Goga experiences what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes and realises that only those who don’t care about material things are truly free – although they may lack in fashion accessories, they are rich because they have many friends.

The play Goga the Millipede is based on Andrijana Grgičević’s text, which was awarded at the Mali Marulić Contest for Best Drama Text for Puppet and Children’s Theatre in2016.


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