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Date created: 09.06.2020.
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Home Dwellers

City Puppet Theatre Split in co-production with the Split Arts Academy

Ana Marija Veselčić: HOME DWELLERS

Written, directed and performed by: Ana Marija Veselčić

Mentor: Goran Golovko, associate professor

Lighting designer: Lucijan Roki

For her drama ‘Home Dwellers’, Ana Marija Veselčić won the 27th Croatian Theatre Award for Best Premiere of a Contemporary Croatian Dramatic Text or Best Dramatisation, Adaptation or Dramatic Text Interpretation or Dramaturgy of a Play

Home Dwellers is a colloquial term for children without adequate parental care who grow up in children’s homes. According to the latest data, around 800 children in Croatia live in children’s homes. After they turn 18, or 21 at best, they lose the right to accommodation and care provided by the institutions.

Home Dwellers is a project created for the final exam at the Split Arts Academy, Theatre Arts Department, Acting study programme, under the mentorship of Professor Gordan Golovko.

Home Dwellers is a play about invisible children. About children who could have better options than staying in children’s homes, but while the system gets systematised, while it officially receives and processes documents, their childhood is on hold. Eventually most of them reach legal age, when they have to leave children’s homes and, deprived of any kind of home, start living independently.

‘You leave our hole when you’re eighteen. Unless you go to college - then you get to live in the home apartment. My brother Dario will be here for another ten years and I will be here for two more and then we’ll both be independent. I think it’s funny. Your birthday starts at midnight, you turn eighteen, get your papers, pack your things and leave to be independent.’ - Lela, 6 (excerpt from the play)

Home Dwellers are real, they really exist and this is their story.

More about the play here


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