Ensemble Dialogos | Katarina Livljanić & Danijel Detoni

Date created: 10.03.2017.
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La belle époque... médiévale

Middle Ages in Parisian salons at the beginning of the 20th century


Ensemble Dialogos

KATARINA LIVLJANIĆ voice & concept 





Claude Debussy (1862.-1918.)

Paris, 1910-1912.


Jesu Christ filh de Dieu viu

Guiraut Riquier (c. 1230.-c. 1300.)

Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, ms. fr.22543.


Jesus Christ

arr: Y. Guilbert (1865.-1944.)

Chanteries du Moyen Age, Paris, 1926.


La passion du doux Jésus

arr: Y. Guilbert, Chansons de la vieille France,Paris, 1907.



C. Debussy

Paris, 1910-1912.


La grotte

C. Debussy

text: F. Tristan L'Hermite (c.1601.–1655.)

Paris, 1904.


La flûte de Pan (iz Trois chansons de Bilitis)

La chevelure (iz Trois chansons de Bilitis)

C. Debussy

text: P. Louÿs (1870.-1925.)

Paris, 1899.


Général Lavine

C. Debussy

Paris, 1910-1912.



E. Satie (1866.-1925.)

text: V. Hyspa (1865.-1938.)

Paris, 1903.


Je te veux

E. Satie

text: H. Pacory (1873.-?)

Paris, 1902.


Gnossienne I

E. Satie

Paris, c. 1890.


Le diner à l'Elysée

E. Satie

text: V. Hyspa

Paris, 1903.


Chez le docteur

E. Satie

text: V. Hyspa

Paris, c.1906.


Tango (iz Sports et divertissements)

E. Satie

Paris, 1914.


Eloge des vieux

J.A. Vignix (?)

text: Chanoine de Lattaignant (1697.-1779.)

Paris, 1907.


Les vieux messieurs

text: M. Donnay (1859.-1945.)


Le feu d’artifice (iz Sports et divertissements).

E. Satie

Paris, 1914.


Je m'embrouille

Y. Guilbert

text: P. de Kock (1793.-1871.)

Paris, 1927.


Gymnopédies I

E. Satie

Paris, 1888.

La journée du musicien

text: E. Satie


Mme Arthur

Y. Guilbert

text: P. de Kock

Paris, 1927.

Katarina Livljanić (voice) and Danijel Detoni (piano) present a new programme featuring Parisian repertoire from the beginning of the 20th century. The focus of this project is on several literary personalities of that period and their relationship to the Middle Ages: among them, we will meet the fascinating and controversial Yvette Guilbert (1865-1944), singer, actor, writer and intellectual. Yvette Guilbert performed a rich musical repertoire in a format called 'café-concert', appeared as an actress in theatres and films, published her prose writings, and was the author of an intriguing book about vocal interpretation. In collaboration with the French musicologist Jean Beck, she became an important personality in the revival of songs of the medieval troubadours and trouvères, which she performed, with piano accompaniment, in Carnegie Hall in New York City. This charismatic artist inspired Katarina Livljanic and Danijel Detoni in creating their project, in which Guilbert's songs and stories intertwine with the medieval songs which served as models, recreating the intimate atmosphere of a Parisian salon.

In this elegant but also frivolous, ironic and ambling stroll through Paris of the belle époque, we will meet some other personalities as well:  the excentric gentleman from Montmartre in his velvet suit, Erik Satie (1866-1925), and we will pay a short visit to the refined salon of Claude Debussy (1862-1918) who knew, better than anyone, how to serve delicate impressionistic madelaines along with the elegant melodies of the gothic era. 

Katarina Livljanić 

- - - 

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