Exhibition Opening | Fortune Teller

Date created: 11.05.2021.
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Exhibition Opening

Fortune Teller 

Selma Hafizović, Curator

Exhibiting artists: Jagoda Buić, Selma Hafizović, Iva Laterza, Dubravka LošićRebecca Ribichini, Tanya Small

Majestic temples, celestial gates, imposing columns and blindfolded Justitia populate a past parted from, and yet not a past departed. They continue to surround and transport the public through the spaces of its courthouses, education and commerce and command the metamorphosis of all who pass the threshold of the Law to become judge, jury, spectator, innocent or guilty. The structures predispose the verdict before the legal process of decision making is complete. Architecture and Law join hands to resist and stifle the voices of change and of difference as traditional structures continue to shape legal identity. Outsiders now inhabit the spaces inside the structures that have informed the concepts of justice, equality and liberty with a knowledge of difference. From Divine laws to human creation, from imposed structures to situated constructions, and from neutral norms to contextual relevance, past ideas continuously yield to future ones in Law's eternal becoming. And yet a moment arrives when changes have left so deep and lasting an imprint on the face to warrant parallel architectural transformations. This show uses the imposing and restrictive structure of Sponza palace to address how women commend, redefine and reframe their position within social norms imposed on their bodies.

Selma Hafizović

The exhibition is open for visitors every day from 6 pm to 9 pm, until 25 August