Exhibition Opening | Jagoda Buić: WASTE SCHERZO

Date created: 21.07.2017.
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Exhibition Opening


Exhibition is opened daily  5  to 25 August, 6 to 10 pm 

Entitling her most recent sculptural cycle The Waste Scherzo, the author purposefully accentuates the unpretentiousness and relative easiness of the procedure, the ingenious and humorous tendency, and the relaxed possibility of reception. Of course, we will not deny comical effect of numerous irresistible solutions, but don’t have to overlook plastic persuasiveness, the well appraised relations of elements of a number of otherwise unexpected structures. In their new life, by losing their original function, the discarded things acquired metaphorical value on one side, and the meaning of spatial landmark and suggestion of layered permanency, the so to speak tamed temporariness on the other.

Tonko Maroević

This ludic jigsaw puzzle is both improvisatory and inventive, and only gifted players are good at it. The creative restlessness of Jagoda Buić stems from her exquisite visual culture and search for the “order of things” also in the piles of metal fragments as the written off discarded items. In the artist’s laboratory, they acquire characteristics of expanded morphemes in the newly created sculptural combinations of the eureka effect of Jagoda’s personal Gestalt psychology, which is sufficiently phenomenologically based to be recognised by observers as a pictorial language in the form of a configuration of ships: from the elegance of Antique Ship and the whirling silhouettes of Argonautic Ship, to the robust Bracera and the wicked Pirate Ship. The fleet is enhanced by the elegant balance of Luka’s Ship, the perforated basic structure of Boat, and A Little Boat reminiscent of children’s toys on Paul Klee paintings. 

Vesna Delić Gozze

Jagoda Buić dedicates this exibition to the late Dubravka Beba Beritić