Exhibition Opening | Marko Ercegović: Festival backstage

Date created: 13.06.2019.
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Exhibition Opening

Marko Ercegović: Festival backstage


The third exhibition this summer, which is dedicated to the Festival, will be Marko Ercegović’s exhibition Festival Backstage, which presents his photographs of interesting and otherwise invisible backstage events that occur during the Festival. Ercegović holds a degree from the Department of Cinematography of the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art and he is engaged in experimental video and photography. He was a photographer at the Zagreb Youth Theatre from 2015 to 2018, at the Croatian National Theatre Zagreb, the Bulić, Ulysses and Ribnjak theatres as well as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. He has had 20 solo and 30 group exhibitions. The exhibition at the Sponza Palace Atrium will be on display until 26 August, every day from 5pm to 9pm.