Date created: 25.05.2017.
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Exhibition Opening

Nikolina Šimunović: A Summer in the City

Dreams are part of this sincere story of a summer and an untold dialogue, which the artist wishes to share with us here and now. She seems to tell about her „nameless“ innermost feelings, using the fine art means of expression characteristic of her. It is difficult to determine the motifs of this cycle, in view of the fact that she is dealing with „dreams“, either fictive ones or those she really had. They are perhaps Bathing Women or Summer. Everything is sublimated and painted in a permanent living continuity of Nikolina Šimunović's creative ductus. In this cycle, the artist encourages us to engage our own presumptions and knowledge of her painting, but to also become visionaries ourselves.

Nikolina Šimunović was born on 9 September 1978 in Dubrovnik. In 1977 she completed the Luka Sorkočević Arts School in Dubrovnik and in 2003 graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts under Zlatko Keser (Painting Department). From 2004 she has been a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU), and from 2005 professor of painting at the Count Janko Drašković Elementary School in Zagreb. In 2008, together with the academic painter Ana Barbić Katičić, she started the Niana Art Workshop for desing of furniture, interiors and other house accessories.