FILIP MERČEP & NICOLAS SINKOVIĆ, percussions and electronics

Date created: 16.03.2017.
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Filip Merčep - Percussion, concept

Nicolas Sinković - Real time electronic manipulation, percussion

Filip Merčep & Nicolas Sinković - Musical concept

Davorin Erceg - Visual design 

Luka Jerković - Producer

Marko Mijatović - Light design


Nicolas Sinković and Filip Merčep have been longtime colleagues on the percussionist scene. Collaborating on different music projects, they jointly discovered a new musical direction and started a project, the purpose of which was to present music in a modern way, aiming at accentuating the structure, tone colours and character of each musical piece using multimedia effects and specific venues.

They presented their first conceptual project at the 41st Osor Music Evenings Festival, turning the entire city of Osor into a concert stage. During their recital, each composition was performed in a venue which best suited the composition’s character (a church, main square, alley of sculptures, Gotovac Square). With the aim of connecting compositions with stages in different venues, they surrounded the entire location with loudspeakers, thus turning the entire city into a musical image. Walking from one stage to another, the audience went through electronic interludes, the compositions which connected the works on the recital programme by musical motifs. Abounding in dynamic and diverse musical experiences - from Baroque, modern and electronic to ambient music - this concertante approach resulted in a unique and critically acclaimed concert.