Date created: 26.05.2017.
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(Dubrovnik’s ‘originals’, bohemians, eccentrics and other one-of-a-kind people)

Premiere screening of a HTV new documentary series


Cameraman: Željko Galov

Film Editor: Dominik Miljak

Original Music: Vicko Dragojević

Executive Producer: Marija Kosor

Screenwriter, Narrator and Programme Manager: Vedran Benić

Director: Lukša Benić



HRT Dubrovnik Centre

HRT Documentary Production Department

HRT Documentary Production Department Manager: Vladimir Brnardić


Consisting of seven half-hour episodes, the documentary series Stories About One-Offs features the unprecedented theme of Dubrovnik’s ‘originals’, bohemians and eccentrics, i.e., one-of-a-kind people called that way by Luko Paljetak in his poem The Ballad of One-Offs. This appears to be a marginal theme. However, especially in Mediterranean cities, such people - each in his own time - played an important role in everyday city life. It was even more important in Dubrovnik, where the death of each of them was inevitably followed by in memoriam notices in the city press. Thus, a series of five booklets under the common title Gallery of Dubrovnik’s ‘Originals’ was published in 1925/26, and the stories about such people have - like the city legends - been passed on from generation to generation.

The nostalgic story about Dubrovnik’s one-offs has consequently turned into a special microhistory of the City and its life. One can say that Dubrovnik’s ‘originals’ and other one-offs are actually a mirror image of Dubrovnik, just like the word ECNALUBMA on emergency vehicles, which people can read correctly only looking in the back mirror.

Two out of seven episodes, which HTV will broadcast in September, will be premiered at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.