I. Vidić: At the Pearly Gates

Date created: 07.04.2014.
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Dubrovnik Summer Festival & Croatian Writers Association
"Sand as far as the eye can see" 

I. Vidić: At the Pearly Gates 

Selected from the collection of short stories "Southern Country" 

Adaptation: Ivan Vidić

Director: Paolo Tišljarić

Costume Design: Doris Kristić

Performed by: Nika Burđelez, Marija Šegvić, Gloria Dubelj and Nikola Baće


"Southern Country" is a collection of short stories written to alert, frighten, confuse and make readers laugh. If one could say writers exist to ask questions, this author aims to provide some answers. In "Southern Country"  one can therefore find out what kind of wild and teriffying war began in a seamy catering facility, and what a dangerous and impassionated game chess can be, what happens to people when they forget  basic knowledge and skills which previously made them civilised, what happens to girls who leave for Milano in order to persue a modeling career, after which they meet Senegalese men, what in nature can feed us, and what can poison us, what happens when defenders meet childern's book characters, how Jesus Christ would function in a time of television and spectacles, what little people are really like and what the exact meaning of blue power is...