Ivan Salečić: Lion House

Date created: 11.05.2021.
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Festival Drama Ensemble

Ivan Salečić: Lion House

Directed by: Aida Bukvić

Dramaturge and adaptation: Marijana Fumić

Set design: Ivo Knezović

Costume design: Mirjana Zagorec

Lighting designer: Martin Šatović

Composer: Maro Market

Stage movement: Blaženka Kovač-Carić

Speech advisor: Maro Martinović

Assistant director: Antonela Tošić

Assistant set designer and painting works: Pietro Boban

Sculpture works: Timo Škrlec

Stage manager: Roko Grbin



Ivan: Amar Bukvić

Vanja: Iva Kraljević

Laima: Jadranka Đokić

Šeh: Dražen Šivak

Nikša: Branimir Vidić - Flika

Professor: Doris Šarić-Kukuljica



Dživo Franov Gundulić: Maro Martinović

Luce: Doris Šarić-Kukuljica

Šiško Dživov Gundulić: Romano Nikolić

Mato Dživov Gundulić: Marin Klišmanić

Nika Gundulić: Jadranka Đokić

Kate: Gloria Dubelj

Džive Gundulić: Veronika Mach

Play is in Croatian and is subtitled in English

The second premiere at the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival portrays Dubrovnik as a place where burdened history and burlesque transition clash. It is based on Ivan Salečić’s debut novel ‘Lion House’, in which the author intertwines two stories about Dubrovnik’s present and past, focusing on the Gundulić family history. Salečić created a unique novel in which fiction and faction coexist and our ideas about the glorious past are broken against the harsh reality of everyday life. The present-day bitter-humorous complications surrounding the purchase and restoration of an apartment in the historic city core are complemented with an interesting and engaging history of Dubrovnik, above which looms the grim fate of the Great Earthquake. The play, that will be performed on the playground under the Minčeta Fort, is directed by the renowned Croatian director Aida Bukvić and this will be her directing debut at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

To learn more about the play, click here.

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