Ivana Lovrić Jović: Novel presentation "Look How Lokrum Washes Its Teeth"

Date created: 13.08.2021.
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Novel presentation

Ivana Lovrić Jović: Look How Lokrum Washes Its Teeth


Alongside the author Ivana Lovrić Jović, the novel will be presented by the publisher Boris Runjić, editor Ursula BurgerLuko Paljetak and Boris Njavro.

This is a novel about a child, a little girl, a young girl and a woman, a mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter, a friend, neighbour, worker and citizen who share one heart – the heart of Antigone/Antica. In a confident alto she tells a story about the warmth that family gives or denies, about one’s mother tongue as a foreign language, about home and marital love. This is a novel about the first and the last breath that reads in one breath, a novel which proves that every life deserves a novel. And that laughter is an ancient medicine without which crying would be lonely and everyday life impaired.


About the author:

Ivana Lovrić Jović grew up in Dubrovnik, the city to which she has dedicated her career. Since 1996 she has served as a researcher in the history of Croatian language and the Dubrovnik idiom at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. She is the author of five scholarly books, for one of which she received the Croatian National Science Award. She has also published a collection of poetry, U skutima tango, and short prose texts in literary magazines, while this is her first novel. She does not write poetry and prose in dialect. She lives in Zagreb with her husband and three children. As the head of the Dubrovnik branch of the Institute, she often and gladly stays in Dubrovnik.