KunstTeatar | Marta and the seven fears

Date created: 09.06.2020.
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Marta and the Seven Fears

A fairy tale for those who will grow up, who are growing up and who are already grown up


Text and dramaturgy: Ivana Vuković

Directed by: Natalija Manojlović

Produced by: Romana Brajša

Performed by: Andreja Jandrić and Matija Čigir

Fears: Jerko Marčić, Sreten Mokrović, Adrian Pezdirc, Alma Prica, Anđela Ramljak, Damir ŠabanPetar Đula Vrbanić

Costume design: Ana Fucijaš

Video design: Miro Manojlović

Lighting design: Alen Marin and Anton Modrušan

Video recording: Aron Kovačić

Sound recording: Branko Puceković and Filip Kovačić

Design: Pavao Kuharić

Production assistant: Hana Zrnčić Dim and Laura Pribanić

Photography: Karla Jurić

Trailer: Filip Zadro

Music: Mistake (Ambient), Mistake (Davide Rossi Re-Work – Instrumental), Aerial, Cartilage,

Accident, A Happy Song, Again; Moby, thanks to

Produced by: KUFER Theatre Company and KunstTeatar Performance Art Theatre in collaboration with BoliMe Association


When she came to the lighthouse, Marta felt as if she didn’t know how she felt and she was stubbornly lonely in this. She caringly nurtured her dark thoughts, rolled in her fears and allowed her demons to disturb her breathing rhythm without a struggle. Marta thought she was the only one who felt this way. She even appropriated anxiety, made it hers alone, without leaving me even a small, tiniest piece. Marta is sad and happy, sensitive and cheerful, panicky and excited, melancholic and joyful, enthusiastic and inhibited. Marta sometimes cries, Marta sometimes snores when she sleeps, and sometimes she can’t get out of the apartment. Sometimes she is scared. Just like me. Just like you.

Just like him and her. But Marta said she was scared. Marta said: I’m hurting.

The play is co-produced by the KUFER Theatre Company and KunstTeatar Performance Art Theatre in collaboration with the BoliMe Association with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb - City Office for Culture and Kultura Nova Foundation. Collaboration with the BoliMe Association was carried out as part of the project Kufer x BoliMe – We Talk About Marta and the Seven Fears which is supported by the Audience Development Programme of the Ministry of Culture and includes a joint prevention campaign aiming at promoting young people’s mental health, a public forum and workshops for audiences.