Lero Student Theatre | Mostly sunny

Date created: 22.02.2023.
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Lero Student Theatre

Mostly sunny


Director: Davor Mojaš

Stage design: Mato Brnjić

Costume design: Dubravka Lošić

Music: Petar Obradović

Lighting and sound design: Antonio Ljubojević

Croatian sign language advisor: Maja Belin

Video: Rela Petric

Costumes: Marija Glamočanin 

Production: Ksenija Medović

Cast: Jasna Held, Ksenija Medović, Zvončica Šimić, Barbara Damić, Rela Petric, Dubravka Mrvelj


The play premiered on 24 November 2022 on Lero's Lazareti stage in Dubrovnik.

With its production of Mostly Sunny, the Lero Student Theatre continues, in line with its characteristic stage poetics and directing style of Davor Mojaš, to recognise, open up and stage some current reflections of the fraught, sombre everyday life filled with warning winds and stifled sighs so common this year, not only in Dubrovnik. The sequence of stage images and scenes, audio and video inserts, quotes and fragments of dramatic texts by Beckett, Witkiewicz, Ionesco, Kosor and Mojaš, combine and intertwine into a wistful, heavy and melancholic atmosphere of a performance that could, if viewed with irony, be recognised as Mostly Sunny. Diagnosis, prognosis and therapy, all at the same time.

With this performance in the year of the 55th anniversary of its presence on the Croatian theatre scene, the Lero Student Theatre continues to participate in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s drama programme, adding another one of its titles to the Festival’s substantial theatre chronology.


Photo by Željko Tutnjević