Mala scena Theatre | Princess and the Pea

Date created: 17.05.2022.
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Mala scena Theatre

Princess and the Pea

Text by: Ivica Šimić

Song lyrics by: Zvjezdana Ladika

Song music by: Ivica Šimić

Puppets made by: Ana Kraljević i Danira Matošić

Original cast: Vitomira Lončar i Ivica Šimić

Played by: Buga Marija Šimić i Ivan Colarić


The play is for children aged 3 years and above.


More than 30 years ago, Vitomira Lončar and Ivica Šimić started working on a show called Storyteller and Malena having only one thing in mind: to make a show that will help them build something of their own. And they suceeded. Mala Scena was born out of that show, and with time Storyteller and Malena became The Princess and the Pea. Vitomira and Ivica performed this show more than 1000 times all over Croatia and the world, and it definitely deserves to be called an evergreen. It not only made their theatre but also determined its destiny, destiny of all the people connected to Mala scena theatre, as private people, and as artists.

With 30 years of work is behind them, they thought there's no better way to celebrate than to bring back this wonderful story filled with lovely songs that stay for a long time with everyone who watches it, funny and interesting characters, impressive puppets and pure enjoyment!

This time, the role of Malena is played by Vitomira's daughter - Buga Marija Šimić: "I have performed this show a million times in my room, with my best friend Hana in the car, behind the stage while mum and dad were on the stage, so I just cannot wait to do it for real this time!"


Mala Scena is one of the leading Croatian theatres for young audiences, judging by the size of said young audience and the number of performances, as well as the number of awards that their performances have won in Croatia and abroad. Their mission is to offer children of all ages theatre art as an everyday part of their growing up, to open a dialoge with their young audiences on current topics and the ones most relevant to their ongoing experiences to try to help them understand the world that surrounds them, encourage them and inspire them to confront it boldly. They take the responsibility to send the children messages of encouragement and hope. After numerous performances all over Croatia as well as the top stages of Europe, like the London Barbican for example, Mala Scena will put on shows for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival's youngest. The children will be enjoying two plays - "Story of a Wheel" which is one of the few plays in Croatia meant for children under the age of 2 (and all are put on by Mala Scena) and iconic "The Princess and the Pea", the very play from which the theatre Mala Scena was born!