Monograph Presentation | 40th Anniversary of Orlando Award

Date created: 07.07.2017.
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Monograph Presentation

40th Anniversary of Orlando Award

Publisher: Croatian Radio and Television 

Editor: Zoran Mihajlović

With this Monograph, the Croatian Radio and Television marks the 40th anniversary of the Orlando Award which has been presented at one of Europe's oldest and most prominent cultural festivals. This award has become an institution which celebrates the finest artistic achievements in both music and theatre programme of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It was logically and effectively named after Orlando, the medieval knight who has watched over the City for many centuries and whose statue stands at the Stradun’s end. As it often happens, those who established this award had no idea what they actually started. The award acquired a life of its own. From a prestigious accolade, it grew into a real institution inextricably linked with the City from whose streets – turned into an open-air stage – it originated.