Musical workshop for children | Evan Shinners, piano

Date created: 13.05.2021.
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Evan Shinners, piano

Musical workshop for children 


Narrator: Igor Jurinić 


- kids age 4-7, 7.30 - 8.30 pm

- kids age 7-12, 9.00 - 10.00 pm

What is the 'Stuff' of music? Was music invented or discovered?
Our story begins with a single impulse - a stick hitting a rock, which creates a vibration. A vibration, when sped up, becomes a pitch. But one pitch itself  is actually a collection of notes! But how to hear this collection? Using a musical X-ray we can learn what this collection is, how it exists, and with its parts, we suddenly find we have the ingredients to every musical culture in the world. In every children's song, in folk music in every country, indeed even in the notes that subway doors play when closing, use these same notes. Our story concludes with the briefest of introductions to J.S. Bach who found the most miraculous way to unite all the elements, and features a healthy dose of his keyboard music.

Founder of ‘The Bach Store’ and host of ‘The WTF Bach Podcast,’ Evan Shinners began his musical studies at age 9 and made his orchestral debut at age 12. Mr. Shinners grew up in the tradition of European sacred music, receiving lessons in singing and choral conducting from a young age. He attended The Juilliard School in New York where he studied piano with Jerome Lowenthal. Mr. Shinners holds two degrees from the institution (BM’08, MM ’10.). Since 2010, Evan has devoted himself almost exclusively to the study and performance of the works of J.S. Bach. He became a Yamaha artist in 2015 and began experimenting with Disklavier technology. Using the Disklavier, he was able to record Bach’s ‘organ sonatas’ on piano- the first of its kind. He also commenced on a massive recording project of Bach’s complete solo keyboard music on Bösendorfer instruments. In 2018 Mr. Shinners founded a non-profit organization with the goal of ‘bringing Bach to the masses in non-typical venues’. Since 2015 Mr. Shinners has performed nearly all of the solo keyboard works of J.S. Bach from memory.

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