Opening Ceremony of the 69th Festival

Date created: 01.02.2018.
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Opening Ceremony of the 69th Festival      

Invitations only 


Script by:  Saša Božić

Directed by: Saša Božić

Music: Jakov Gotovac, Tomislav Fačini, Đelo Jusić, Damir Butigan

Conductor: Tomislav Fačini

Choreographer:  Petra Hrašćanec

Costume Designer: Doris Kristić 

Stage Manager:Virginija Bolfek


Festival Drama Ensemble

Nataša Dangubić, Nikša Butijer, Ozren Grabarić, Nika Lasić, Izmira Brautović, Kruno Šarić

and Acting and Dance students of the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts


Zagreb Philharmonic

WDR Children’s Chorus Dortmund

Pro Musica Academic Choir, Mostar

Dubrovnik Chamber Choir

Libertas Mixed Choir

Female klapa of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble


Linđo Folklore Ensemble


Zora Brajević, Luciano Capurso – Luči

and Dubrovnik citizens


Opening Ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival originated in the collective memory of Carnival, the season during which in medieval times travelling actors, troubadours and other entertainers were allowed to enter the City and amuse its residents with their performances until Ash Wednesday. The Rector of the Dubrovnik Republic gives the actors keys to the City, symbolically allowing them to perform there.


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