PULA FILM FESTIVAL | Award Winning Croatian Film: The Staffroom

Date created: 12.04.2022.
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In Collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas

Award Winning Croatian Film


The traditional screening of the award-winning feature film from the most recent edition of the most important Croatian film festival, Pula Film Fest, will be brought by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas and Pula Film Fest.


The Staffroom, a drama by director and screenwriter Sonja Tarokić, and produced by Kinorama, in just over two hours tells the story of Anamarija, an enthusiastic elementary school teacher who has just been employed at a school and is forced to make a choice – to respect her own principles or fit in with the staff. Faced with the school system’s limitations and surrounded by despondent teachers, Anamarija begins her own struggle with the problematic history teacher, unaware that precisely by doing so, she is slowly becoming more and more like her colleagues in the staff room. The film won five Golden Arena Awards: the Grand Golden Arena for Best Festival Film, the Golden Arena for Best Director (Sonja Tarokić), for Best Editing (Borna Buljević), as well as for the Best Actor to Stojan Matavulj in the role of Siniša and the Best Supporting Actress Nives Ivanković in the role of Vedrana.


Director and screen writer: Sonja Tarokić
Cinematography: Danko Vučinović
Editing and sound design: Borna Buljević
Production Design: Tajana Čanić Stanković

Cast: Marina Redžepović, Stojan Matavulj, Nives Ivanković, Maja Posavec, Sandra Lončarić

Production Company: KINORAMA