Ruđer & Anica Bošković: Obscuration

Date created: 07.04.2014.
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Lero Student Theatre of Dubrovnik

Ruđer & Anica Bošković: OBSCURATION

Director and dramaturge: Davor Mojaš

Set and Costume Designer: Dubravka Lošić

Technical Manager: Mato Brnjić

Light Designer: Marko Mijatović

Light and Sound Engineer: Antonio Ljubojević

Sound Editor: Viktor Lenert

Composer of „Vokalize” piece: Paola Dražić Zekić

Choreographer: Vitolda Mayer

Costumes by: Dubravka Lošić & Maja Glamočanin

Graphic Designer: Nora Mojaš

Programme Booklet text author: Mira Muhoberac

Cast: Ksenija Medović, Jasna Held, Zvončica Šimić, Matilda Perković, Latica Zekić


First performance held on 22nd December 2013 at Lazaretto in Dubrovnik

Obscuration is the first staging of a Ruđer Bošković text and of Anica Bošković poems and mystery plays at the Croatian theatre. It is Lero’s another attempt to explore the Dubrovnik literary and theatrical heritage, and to recognise both intimate and unknown presentiments of the residents of the City which begot its great sons and praiseworthy daughters. In Lero’s theatrical glossary and repertoire, Anica and Ruđer Bošković continue the sequence that began with the stagings of the texts by brother and sister Gjena and Ivo Vojnović, i.e., by Držić, Kaznačić, Kazali, Pucić and, eventually, the Dubrovnik modern authors Šehović, Mojaš, Paljetak and Milišić. Obscuration is a play about Dubrovnik from both bygone and our own recollections, but also about Dubrovnik's present-day changes wherein it still manages to preserve its uniqueness. It is also a play about the City which slowly disappears, and about its image which Lero wishes to save from oblivion and offer to theatre as a token of appreciation to the ambiance which begot it.

„...Or, when Dawn lifts her rosy head from the waves

Early in the morning, sprinkling flowers with the first light. 

You can still see the stars glittering in the dusky space, 

But only those that illuminate more brightly 

The vast cloudless nocturnal sky.“ 

                                               (R. Bošković Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon)