#synergy Festival Tour

Date created: 01.02.2023.
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#synergy Festival Tour


Milivoje Pićurić:  Air

Dušan Obrenović violin

Andrijana Durmišević  violin

Marija Božić viola

Teodora Uskoković cello

Air is a mixture of many gases and tiny dust particles. It is the clear gas in which living things live and breathe. It has an indefinite shape and volume. It has mass and weight, because it is matter. The weight of air creates atmospheric pressure. There is no air in outer space.

Ardian Halimi: On the edge of silence

Egli Prifti  piano

Tereza Horáková violin

Entela Qarkagjija viola

Arian Zherka cello

Piano On the edge of silence quartet describes sounds that come from the distant silence and disappear back into the darkness. Nine different acted-out parts that have clear distinctions flow freely into one another, creating a ten-minute tableau of colors, rhythms, sounds and noises created by contemporary playing techniques. This richly coloured palette of sounds will take us on their journey, even the echo of a triad that seems like a glimpse into history, will remind us of the past. At the very end, the sounds will disappear into whispered noises, leaving only their silhouettes that we can still feel in the stillness. Only when we are on the edge of silence, will we hear our inner voice.

Nina Perović:  Encounters

Alenka Bogataj  flute

Leufat Buçuku violin

Milena Petković  violin

Marija Tic voice

Andi Duraku piano

The composition “Encounters” is made possible thanks to creative contributions from Marija Ticl, Alenka Bogataj, Milena Petković, Andi Duraku and Leufat Buçuku. Some of the improvisations the performers played as their reaction to the first version of the score, became a part of the composition, together with previously recorded sounds of Dubrovnik during my residence. The unstoppable horde of people I witnessed every day during this period, opposes the idea of ​​encounter that we developed in the process of creating the composition. The Encounter is inspired by Martin Buber's work “I and Thou”.

Matija Krečić:  Big Ship Full Of Joy and Crap

Klavirski trio Iskra Piano trio Iskra

Dušan Obrenović violin

Teodora Uskoković cello

Miljana Nikolić piano

In the daytime, a cruise ship arrives. It comes, throws people out, calls them back after a while, and departs. There’s another one waiting in the bay. The ship poisons the sea, disturbs and kills the animals, and pollutes the environment with its sounds. The tourists flood the small city center. The streets are full in an instant, people are loud, they bring a lot of trash, but they also bring some money. And this outweighs everything else, they say. There is peace in the nighttime. Especially if you watch Kotor from across the bay.

Kreshnik Aliçkaj:  Kuartet pianistik

Egli Prifti piano

Tereza Horáková violin

Entela Qarkagjija viola

Cristina Basili violoncello

Cultural heritage in Albania is evidenced everywhere. You can travel in different times just by looking at different sites and objects, monuments. I tried to depict this in my composition using original themes in the spirit of Albanian traditional music,both homophonic and polyphonic. Modal scale moments, combined to rhythms and traditional spirit are woven into modern music forms and expression language.

Timotej Kosovinc: Unheard story

    I Prologue

    II Insight

Alenka Bogataj flute

Timotej Kosovinc guitar

Cristina Basili cello

Tim Jančar  piano

Unheard Story was inspired by the general urban growth surrounding the Chopin Piano Fest Prishtina. It is about us, different people with different life stories living together but not knowing each other. Often we are also not willing to listen to each other. The “unheard” story of our neighbor might surprise us and we might come to unexpected and important  insights.


If classical music is going to thrive, and not only survive, it needs new works. However, in the Western Balkans actual instances of commissioning classical music and overall opportunities for composers to work are very rare and insufficiently developed. In order to counterbalance this situation, empower composers, #synergy project engaged in a selection of composers, commissioning new pieces inspired by the project partners' unique local culture and heritage and providing opportunities for emerging musicians to gain new knowledge and experiences as well as to present themselves to regional and European audience. The grand finale of the project, is a festival tour presenting composers, new compositions and young musicians across the Western Balkans .

The project #synergy: Sharpening the capacities of the classical music industry in the Western Balkans, supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission, brings together six important festivals from the region: KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days (Montenegro), Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Croatia), Belgrade Music Festival (Serbia), Ljubljana Festival (Slovenia), Vox Baroque Festival (Albania), and the Chopin Piano Fest Prishtina (Kosovo).