Zvjezdan Ružić: Pianotron

Date created: 21.03.2023.
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Zvjezdan Ružić: Pianotron

Zvjezdan Ružić performs his original music and several international hits in his arrangement (for example, ABBA’s Dancing Queen, Michael Jackson’s Beat it etc.). Covers make up 20–30% of his repertoire – the rest is his original music.


‘In short, Pianotron is the music and the mirror of my soul! If you want to get to know me better, listen to Pianotron, all the answers are there.’ Zvjezdan Ružić

Throughout his career, Zvjezdan Ružić has worked with numerous musicians from different genres. His experience and skill, as well as his imagination and courage, led him to create something completely new – Pianotron.

Pianotron is composed of three instruments – a piano, a Mellotron and pedals on which he pre-programmes the sound that he later plays with his foot. Each instrument represents a part of Ružić’s personality. The piano represents knowledge, skill and wisdom, the Mellotron his playful inner child that plays with notes, and the pedals the one who is constantly searching for something new.

As impossible as it may sound, Zvjezdan Ružić plays all three instruments at once.

When he plays, he takes his audience on a journey through the different facets of the story he tells with music. His goal is for the audience to hear, understand and feel with their entire being what his music is saying. Pianotron enables him to do just that!