“Fortune Teller” group exhibition at Sponza Palace until Festival closing

Date created: 12.07.2021.

The “Fortune Teller” group exhibition was opened last night, 11 July in the Sponza Palace atrium. The exhibition curator is Selma Hafizović and alongside her own works on show are pieces by Jagoda Buić, Iva Laterza, Dubravka Lošić, Rebecca Ribichini and Tanya Small. It is open every day until the Festival closing 25 August and entrance is free.

 gatara u sponzi

The thirteen exhibited pieces include two tapestries from the 1970s and the spatial collage Dragon by Jagoda Buić; one multimedia and one neon light installation by Rebecca Ribichini; Dubravka Lošić’s spatial installation Alba Abula, Selma Hafizović’s oil paintings, Tanya Small’s photographs and two works by Iva Laterza, also a Dubrovnik local, who is currently finishing her MFA at London’s prestigious Goldsmiths University.

 gatara u sponzi 2

Thanking the audience and introducing the curator, Festival Artistic Director Dora Ruždjak Podolski highlighted the unique importance of the exhibition’s generational diversity and the unfailingly incomparable female creativity that connects the artists.

 gatara u sponzi 3

One of the six exhibiting artists and the Fortune Teller’s curator Selma Hafizović expressed her gratitude to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival for giving her the opportunity to put up a feminist exhibition. “This display was created as a certain retrospective of feminist works from the 1970s until today, of works created under an oppressive structure” explicated Hafizović, ending her speech with a special thanks to Jagoda Buić for being a part of the exhibition and for “creating a place for women in the future”.