“Tartuffe” Thrills Numerous Audience

Date created: 17.07.2014.

“Tartuffe”, Moliere’s classical story of an imposter who infiltrated himself into a wealthy family, directed by Krešimir Dolenčić and performed by senior acting students of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, is a comedy about the breakdown of a modern day middle class family, which brought Krešimir Dolenčić an award for best direction, and the performing ensemble received a special recognition for their shared performance and for translating the play into contemporary language at the 38th Fadil Hadžić’s  Days of Satire.

As an ever actual topic, “Tartuffe” is adaptable and easily placed in any given time period, including our present, deservedly attracting a wide audience. Last night’s performance proved precisely this, as extra tickets were requested. 

The performance is a graduate exam production of the Dolenčić class, performed by a generation of exceptionally talented young actors, all of which are the future of the Croatian theatre: Adrian Pezdirc, Anđela Ramljak, Anja Đurinović, Dado Ćosić, Bernard Tomić, Hrvojka Begović, Ivan Ožegović, Lukrecija Tudor, Mateja Majerle, Mia Anočić Valentić i Silvio Mumelaš.