Posted: 22.07.2018

Yuya Okamoto in conversation with Karolina Rugle

What was your musical path, what led you to where you are today? I started to play cello because my father, who was conductor, also played the cello. My mother was a singer, so I was in a musical family and it was a natural way, to become a musician. My parents did a lot for me, for my musical life. I started with cello at the age of 7 in Regensburg, Germany. The biggest reason for my continuation was the teacher, so I just followed that way until we moved to Japan, when I was 12. There I met my new cello professor, who was the best cellist in Japan. She was the one who determined my musical way and I am really, really thankful for that.

Posted: 21.07.2018

Free projection of the film „Lada Kamenski“ in the Jadran Open-air Cinema

Instead of announced film projection of the Grand Golden Arena award winning Croatian film, Dubrovnik Summer Festival in collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas will have a film projection of Lada Kamenski, directed by Sara Hribar and Marko Santić, which premiered at 65th Pula Film Festival and won, among others, FEODORA (Federation of Film Critics of Europe and Mediterranean) award for the best Croatian feature film. The projection will be on Monday, July 23rd, at theJadran Open-air Cinema and the entrance is free.

Posted: 21.07.2018

Acclaimed Schumann Quartet at the Rector's Palace on Sunday

Schumann Quartet will continue the music program of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival on Sunday, July 22nd, at 9.30 pm at the atrium of the Rector’s Palace. Violinists Erik and Ken Schumann, violinist Liisa Randalu and cellist Mark Schumann make this acclaimed and award-winning quartet, who will perform the works of Haydn, Takemitsu and Schubert in front of the Festival audience.

Posted: 20.07.2018

Hit play ‘’Marin Držić – Victory Over the Enemies’’ returns to the Festival

Last year’s hit play Marin Držić - Victory Over the Enemies will be the part of the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival from 20 to 23 of July with one great addition this year – it will be subtitled in English. The play will take place at the Art School Park every night at 9:30.

Posted: 19.07.2018

Ivan Krpan's recital rescheduled to 28 July

The recital of one of the most talented and most successful young Croatian pianists Ivan Krpan will not be held on Sunday, 15 July, as was previously announced, due to the final match of the World Cup between Croatia and France. Instead, the recital will be held on Saturday, 28 July at 21:30 at the Rector's Palace Atrium. The programme of the recital consists of Schumann's Arabesque and Fantasy and Frédéric Chopin's 24 Preludes.

Posted: 17.07.2018

Japanese cellist Yuya Okamoto to open Festival's concert season at the Rector’s Palace

Japanese cellist Yuya Okamoto, who recently won the Eugene Ysaÿe Prize at the prestigious International Queen Elisabeth Competition and the American pianist of the Latvian origin, Robert Kulek will open the concert season of the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival at the atrium of the Rector's Palace on Thursday, July 19th, at 9.30 pm.

Posted: 17.07.2018

Dee Dee Bridgewater and Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra to perform tomorrow

American jazz diva and multiple Grammy Award winner Dee Dee Bridgewater will perform at the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, accompanied by Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra conducted by Andreas Marinello, at the concert sponsored by Mastercard, on 18 July in front of the Cathedral. Online tickets available here.

Posted: 16.07.2018

Linđo Folklore Ensemble at the 69th Festival

The first traditional performance of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble at the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will take place on Tuesday, 17 July at 21:30 on the Revelin Fort Terrace. It will be followed by three more performances, on 4, 13, and 20 August, when a large number of guests and citizens of Dubrovnik who attend Linđo's shows year after year will gather once more, since Linđo has become an indispensable part of the Festival.

Posted: 14.07.2018

Awarded play Black Mother Earth on the island of Lokrum

Drama programme of the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be opened with the guest play of the Zagreb Youth Theatre Black Mother Earth, created by the novel of Kristian Novak, with Tomislav Zajec's dramaturgy and directed by Dora Ruzdjak Podolski on Monday, July 16th. The play, which is subtitled in English, will take place on the island of Lokrum, starting 9:30 pm. Boats will departure from the Old City Port at 8:30 and 8:45 pm.

Posted: 13.07.2018

Josip Pino Trostmann's birthday exhibition Dubrovnik from Sveti Jakov with Two Palm Trees

The exhibition of Josip Pino Trostmann's works entitled Dubrovnik from Sveti Jakov with Two Palm Trees opens at the Sponza Palace Atrium on Friday, 13 July at 21:00 on the occasion of artist's 80th birthday and 55th anniversary of his graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The exhibition is part of the new 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme City Keys and it lasts until 4 August.