Posted: 03.08.2019

First Performance of The Little Prince Announced


The musical-theatre play based on the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novella The Little Prince is the second premiere title at the anniversary 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival. As it was announced today after the children’s workshop “How Plays Are Made” by the cast and crew – led by director Hrvoje Korbar and composer Ivan Josip Skender, The Little Prince will be performed on 8, 9 and 10 August at 8.30pm in the Rector’s Palace atrium, supported by the Caboga Stiftung foundation and Tekstilpromet.

Posted: 03.08.2019

Encounter at the Depot III by Dubrovnik Artist Dubravka Lošić


Art programme of the anniversary 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival continues with the Encounter at the Depot III exhibiton by the Dubrovnik artist Dubravka Lošić which will be formally opened in the former Radeljević oil factory on Wednesday, 7 August at 9pm.

Posted: 03.08.2019

The Perfect Musical Combination – Guitar Virtuoso Ana Vidović and the Zagreb Quartet


The Zagreb Quartet and guitarist Ana Vidović had their first performance together last night, 2 August, in the Rector’s Palace atrium, dazzling the Festival audiences with their virtuoso renditions of the evening's impressive classical programme which consisted of Beethoven’s String Quartet in D major, Vivaldi's Concerto for guitar and strings in D major and C major as arranged by Karl Scheit for guitar and string quartet, Ruždjak’s Classical Garden and Ravel's String Quartet in F major.

Posted: 03.08.2019

Yuja Wang and Andreas Ottensamer at the 70th Festival


The 2017 Musical America’s Artist of the Year Yuja Wang and the lauded clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer will perform in the Rector’s palace atrium on Tuesday, 6 August at 9.30pm and show off their virtuosity on musical pieces by Weber, Brahms, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Debussy, Chopin and Horovitz.

Posted: 02.08.2019

Three Linđo Performances on the Revelin Terrace in August

The Linđo Folklore Ensemble performances at the Festival have always been well received, with thunderous applause and ovations from the audience – as was the case in their memorable performance with KUD Jedinstvo in July. Linđo will be giving three performances at the 70th Festival, the first of which is on Saturday, 3 August and the following on 7 August and 13 August, all starting at 9.30pm on the Revelin fort terrace.

Posted: 02.08.2019

An Unforgettable Il Volo Concert

The Italian pop-opera trio Il Volo held an unforgettable two-hour concert last night, 1 August, accompanied by their backup band the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra members on the open-air stage in front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral. The tickets for this highly anticipated event were much in demand, while Dubrovnik streets teemed with delighted local and international music fans.

Posted: 01.08.2019

Legendary Mariinsky Ballet at the 70th Festival

One of the premier world ballets, the historic Mariinsky Theatre, will be performing for the first time ever at the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, on its grand anniversary. This unique event of regional as well as national significance will see the magnificent Mariinsky artistes performing The Four Seasons, a ballet in two acts choreographed by Ilya Zhivoi based on the Max Richter recomposition of the well-known eponymous Vivaldi concerto. They will be performing two evenings in a row, on 4 August and 5 August, in the Gradac park at 9.30pm. Tickets for both have been sold-out.

Posted: 30.07.2019

Italian Trio Il Volo in Dubrovnik 1 August


The Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo, consisting of baritone Gianluca Ginoble with tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, will be performing in front of the Cathedral on 1 August, along with their backup band, while orchestral accompaniment will be made up of Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra members. The concert, which has attracted a lot of public interest, will start at 9.30pm.

Posted: 29.07.2019

Young Virtuosos of the Esperanza Ensemble at Rector's Palace


The talented young musicians of the International Academy of Music in Liechtenstein have, in just four years, won numerous awards and acclaims, as well as published three records - they are the Esperanza Ensemble. Along with violinist Sara Domjanić and pianist Dmytro Choni, they will be holding a concert in the Rector's palace atrium on Tuesday, 30 July, at 9.30pm.

Posted: 29.07.2019

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Another performance of “Hamlet” to Compensate Last Evening’s Cancelled One


Another performance of “Hamlet” will be given tomorrow, 30 July, at 12.30am, following the first performance of the evening to compensate yesterday’s cancelled one. The play will last 2 hours and 20 minutes, without a pause.