66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival features new visual identity

Date created: 01.07.2015.

This year's visual identity of Dubrovnik Summer Festival represents continuation of the parallelism between the architecture and anatomy, which is strongly dramatized by "walls of stone, heart of art” slogan but this year with water as a dominant theme. Authors of the concept and design are Maro Pitarević and Gabrijela Farčić.

The design solution combines a human heart and the Onofrio Fountain, the largest and most recognizable fountain in the Old City of Dubrovnik. Its strength derives from the combination of incompatible: organic and inorganic, which are completely different but still have a lot of similarities in both function and form, said the authors.

It's impossible to live without art, as it is to live without water. That is a well-known fact to the citizens of Dubrovnik, who are without drinking water usually for approximately one month yearly. City water purifier is one of the most pressing issues of Dubrovnik, which is a subject matter of this visual solution as well.

Interestingly, the main vein leading to the heart is called the vena cava, a name that bears resemblance with the name of the builder of the great fountain, Onofrio di Giordana della Cava. Thanks to his work on the Dubrovnik aqueduct and two fountains in the Old town, to this day, citizens and many visitors have easily accessible, free, drinkable and clean water (at least most of the time). The design symbolically shows how water is, just like art, always fresh and available in the City during the Summer Festival.

Maro Pitarević is a creative director with 20 years of experience in different advertising agencies. He is currently the president of the Art Directors Club Croatia. His family roots are ingrained in Dubrovnik and his personal affinity is close to art and culture. He is the author of the concept "walls of stone, heart of art" and for the third year collaborates with the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. As a collaborator on this year's design he chose Gabriela Farčić, an experienced art director from Dubrovnik, member of ULUPUHs section for graphic design and visual communications and author of numerous works in the domains of culture and the arts.