66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opened in Gala Ceremony

Date created: 11.07.2015.

As the Festival's Libertas flag rose to the verses of the „Ode to Liberty“ before a numerous audience, the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival was opened last night, 10th of July, in front of St Blaise's Church.

The author of the script of this year's ceremony was Mani Gotovac, while Ivan Miladinov was in charge of the direction. Doris Kristić was a costume designer, Dragutin Broz set designer and Ana Matičević light designer. Slovenian Philharmonic conducted by Mladen Tarbuk and followed by Dubrovnik Chamber Choir, Academic Singing Choir Pro musica  from Mostar and Libetas choir made an appearance along with a young soprano Sara Žuvela and a tenor Domagoj Dorotić who performed „Nessum dorma“, an aria from Puccini's opera „Turandot“.

Orsat's monologue from Vojnović's „Allons enfants!“ was performed by Mislav Čavajda, just like the Hamlet's monologue „To be or not to be“ accompanied by the orchestra which performed the Blagoje Bersa's symphonic poem„Hamlet“. Andromaha's monologue from Baricco's „Iliad“ was performed by Judita Franković and Pomet's prologue from „Uncle Maroje“ by Nikša Kušelj, while the verses of „Ode to liberty“ were recited by Dubravka Miletić. Along with other members of Festival Drama Ensemble who spoke verses by various authors on the subject of liberty, ballet soloists from Slovene Theatre Maribor - Anton Bogov, Jelena Lečić and Catarina de Meneses – performed a fragment from a ballet „Dangerous Liaisons“. Pixel Design Studios, a team of 3D graphics, created intricate projections which displayed the archive materials from entire 65 years of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Traditionally, the Gala Opening Ceremony was followed by grand fireworks.


In the next 46 days at almost 20 ambient locations, more than 2.000 artists from all over the world will perform more than 70 theatre, music, ballet, folklore and other programs in front of an large international audience.