Arsen Dedić Earns Ovations in the Rector’s Palace

Date created: 14.08.2014.

A numerous audience arrived last night at the Rector’s Palace, filling out every last seat and step in the atrium’s staircase, and enjoyed the well-known verses of the author’s songs “Your body – my home”, “Everything you know about me”, “Your delicate years”, “The girl from my hometown”, “Amigo”, “The girl for a day”, “Everything brought you to me”, “The Pianist” and others. Along with his beautiful verses and music, Dedić amused the audience with his humorous announcements and quips. This unique artist therefore treated the audience to a memorable evening, upon which he was awarded with a grand applause and ovations that escorted him off stage.   

Following the concert in the Rector’s Palace, a free projection of “My trade”, a documentary film about Arsen Dedić directed by Mladen Matičević, took place in the Jadran Open-air Cinema. The film is produced by the Croatian Film Association, Zagreb and Belgrade-based Starhill, which premiered in March of this year.  

Arsen Dedić is a poet, song-writer and composer, who has, along with a large number of recorded albums, held a large number of concerts and composed more than 200 music pieces for theatre, films and television shows. He has been writing poetry ever since his high school days and a great deal of his books and poetry collections have been published. He has received many acknowledgements and awards for his work, amongst which are the Vladimir Nazor Award for Lifetime Achievement, for his composing work in 2007, Slobodna Dalmacija’s Emanuel Vidović Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2008, along with two Kiklop Awards for Poetry Collection in 2009 and 2013. Arsen Dedić will be accompanied on the piano by his son Matija Dedić, who has dedicated his life to jazz, and has achieved a successful career and envious reputation within the genre, therefore performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in France as one of 11 finalists selected from 400 pianists from all over the world.