Audience Enjoys Amusing Evening with Students in Center for Advanced Academic Studies Atrium

Date created: 16.07.2014.

Nikola Nalješković’s “Fifth Comedy” showcases the home life in Renaissance Dubrovnik, shinning light upon the subject of an unfaithful husband-master, which is an actual topic today as it was then. It voyeuristically places the audience into the center of a family  conflict and speaks of the Republic’s backface from the perspective of Dubrovnik’s ladies and maids. The performance is an exam production directed by Morana Novosel under the mentorship of prof. Matko Sršen, starring Dajana Čuljak, Ivan Magud, Tana Mažuranić, Marija Šegvić and Mia Anočić-Valentić.

“Tartuffe”, Moliere’s classical story of an imposter who infiltrated himself into a wealthy family, directed by Krešimir Dolenčić and performed by senior acting students of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, is a comedy about the breakdown of a modern day middle class family, which brought Krešimir Dolenčić an award for best direction, and the performing ensemble received a special recognition for their shared performance and for translating the play into contemporary language at the 38th Fadil Hadžić’s  Days of Satire.

The play is scheduled to take place tonight, 16th July at 9.30 p.m. in the Center for Advanced Academic Studies Atrium.