Audience Enjoys Orchestral Treat on Bošković Square

Date created: 30.07.2014.

The beautiful ambient of Bošković Square with a view of Mount Srđ gave additional charm  to Tuesday night's successful performance of the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, which showed what a well-coordinated  orchestra sounds like. The concert was conducted by the founder of this orchestra, as well as the director and artistic director – maestro Berislav Skenderović. The programme consisted of orchestral treats, opera Tannhäuser  Overture by Richard Wagner, P. I. Tchaikovsky’s  Violin Concerto in D major  and Dvořák’s Symphony No. 7 in D minor - excellent pieces  for the orchestra  to  show the nobleness of sound to the gathered  audience, not once without measure, yet always tastefully and stylistically. Tuesday night’s violin soloist Marco Graziani, winner of many first place prizes from both national and international competitions, enraptured the audience with the lovely themes from Tchaikovsky’s ageless concert, showing everything a class virtuoso could possibly show: technical skills, mastery of the instrument and familiarity with the pieces.   

 Apart from last night’s concert, a Neo-baroque ballet performance entitled “Dangerous Liaisons” awaits the Festival’s audience on Bošković Square, accomplished in collaboration with the Ljubljana Festival and SNG Maribor. The premiere is set to take place on 20th August, with two more performances following on the 21st and 22nd of August.