An Audience Favourite – “Equinox” at the Festival Again This Year

Date created: 31.07.2014.

Vojnović’s “Equinox“ directed by Joško Juvančić and performed by the Festival’s Drama Ensemble premiered in 2004 and achieved great success by winning four Croatian Theatre Awards - for best play as a whole, Joško Juvančić for best directorial achievement, Doris Šarić Kukuljica for best female leading role as Jele and Deni Šesnić for outstanding contribution to theatrical art for light design. After four years of absence from the Festival’s repertoire, “Equinox” was renewed last year with great interest from the audience and sold out tickets.    

“Equinox“  is a story about the suffering of mothers and wives of seamen, about leaving the  hearth of home in search of happiness and fortune. It takes place on a stormy night, when the storm sets into the souls of the people, forcing them to reveal deeply hidden painful secrets.  With the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s selected set of actors, spectacular scenography on the southern cliffs of the island of Lokrum, and many awards, Joško Juvančić’s “Equinox” represents the highlight of Dubrovnik’s site-specific theater, as well as being an emblematic play of the Festival, for which the audience’s interest remains high. Alongside director Joško Juvančić, the scenography is credited to Marin Gozze, light design to Deni Šesnić and costume design to Ingrid Begović. Frano Držić is played by Kruno Šarić, Niko Marinović by Maro Martinović, Ivo Ledinić by Nikša Kušelj, Pavo by Frano Mašković, Blind Vlaho by Branimir Vidić, Anica is played by Nika Burđelez and Jele by Doris Šarić-Kukuljica.  

Continuing last year’s tradition, foreign visitors will also have the chance of enjoying the 65th Festival’s  “Equinox” , as English subtitles will be provided  on own or borrowed mobile devices – tablets and smartphones, thanks to the Vip script application, which was developed in collaboration of Vipnet and UX Passion Agency.

“Equinox “ is scheduled to take place on Friday, 1st August, followed by performances on the 2nd and 3rd of August at 9.30 p.m. on the island of Lokrum. Boat rides will be organised from the Old City Harbour at 8.30 and 8.50 p.m.