Book Presentation: "Držić at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival" by Hrvoje Ivanković

Date created: 07.12.2016.

The presentation of Hrvoje Ivanković's book Držić at the Dubrovnik Summer FestivalA Chronicle of Critical Reviews, published by the Croatian ITI Centre and the Dubrovnik Writers Society, will take place at the Festival Palace  (Od Sigurate 1), on Saturday, 10 December, at 7.00 pm.

The book gives a detailed history of performing the works of Marin Držić at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, explaining the importance these plays have had for a more extensive understanding, interpretation and revitalisation of his literary heritage. Writing about the circumstances and context in which these plays have been created, the characteristics of their performance and style, the directing and dramaturgical concepts, and the site-specific poetics on which they have been based, Ivanković writes his own version of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s history from its beginnings way back in the 1930s up to this day. The book’s subtitle, A Chronicle of Critical Reviews, reveals the basic principle of its conception. However, in addition to conveying relevant attitudes of critics and theatrologists, Ivanković often refers to the statements and memories of the authors and performers of these plays, thus conjuring up a vibrant and inspired Držić-like atmosphere at the Festival; the atmosphere unique in the widest European theatrical context where the correlation between the writer, the city and the festival is concerned.

The book presentation is organised by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and the Marin Držić Home, while the presenters will include Katja Bakija, Željka Turčinović, Boris Njavro and Hrvoje Ivanković. Other participants will include the actress Mirej Stanić and the doyen of the Držić theatre at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival Miše Martinović. The presentation will also comprise an exhibition of posters for Marin Držić plays set up by Marin Ivanović.