Dance performance ''Up and Up'' this Sunday in Gradac Park

Date created: 17.07.2020.

The dance performance "Up and Up", by the choreographic idea of Ferenc Fehér, will be performed by the Zagreb Dance Ensemble through the Croatian Dance Network this Sunday, July 19 at 9.30 pm in Gradac Park.

With its latest production Up and Up, Zagreb Dance Company presents its rejuvenated, all-female team. Up and Up is a piece about a joint journey of six dancers, about a state of heightened emotions, about excitement and thrill of being part of a community. In their joint rituals, they discover the responsibilities of the individual to the community and of the community to the individual. Their dynamic performance presents life connection between the six women, their joint journey and different stops on the way through their dance careers. Their Amazon freestyle moves describe solidarity, courage, resistance, community and individual and group responsibility. That extraordinary female team consists of Margareta Firinger, Andreja Jandrić, Sintija Kučić, Gendis Putri Kartini, Petra Valentić and Jovana Zelenović.

Ferenc Fehér is a Hungarian-born dance artist and choreographer. As a self-taught dancer, he has developed a unique, expressive style that combines street dance, martial art elements and animal movements. He performs his choreographies at dance and theatre festivals worldwide. He has received numerous recognitions and awards.

Founded in 1970. Zagreb Dance Company has continuously insisted on original projects, high artistic and performance level and performative power of its members. Collaborations with Croatian and foreign choreographers and pedagogues, as well as various artists from the fields of theatre, music and visual arts, have contributed to the unique ability of the Company to respond to the challenges of different artistic approaches and poetics and improve the level of its productions. Zagreb Dance Company has marked the careers of many Croatian dancers and dance experts who today have successful careers in Croatia and abroad.

Tickets for this performance are available for purchase at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival website or via ticketing service and at the box office of the Festival Palace (OdSigurate1) every day from 9 am to 9.30 pm. Purchases made with Mastercard® and Maestro® cards receive a 10% discount while all purchases and orders over 500 kunas receive a 30% discount voucher for Festival souvenirs. OTP bank continues the tradition of supporting the Festival, and this year with the loyalty program OTPetica offers its users an additional 10% discount when buying tickets at the box office in the Festival Palace.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will comply with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health for preventing the spread of COVID-19 disease during all festival events, and we kindly ask the audience to do the same.