The dance suite ''Horoscope'' will be performed this Friday in the Rector’s Palace Atrium

Date created: 17.07.2020.

The music program of the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival will continue with the performance of Ivančić & Cikojević piano duo who will perform the dance suite Horoscope the duo’s first project among the rhythms and dances by Poulenc and Milhaud, this Friday 17th of July, at 9.30 pm at the Rector’s Palace Atrium. Their performance will be joined by Karmen Pervitić and Fran Krsto Šercar on percussions and Viktoria Bubalo and Šimun Stankov as dancers.

Ivančić & Cikojević Piano Duo describe their concert programme at this year’s Dubrovnik Summer Festival as ‘a true apotheosis of rhythm and dance’ in which the dance suite Horoscope, the duo’s first project, takes central place among the rhythms and dances by Poulenc and Milhaud.

The premiere of the work in its original form – for piano and percussion – took place in Houston, Texas, in 2017 (since, as they say, it is not clear whether percussionists took part in its first performance in 1936), and they recently recorded it with percussionists Ivana Kuljerić Bilić and Nikola Krbanyevitch.

Great Croatian composer Boris Papandopulo began composing "Horoscope" in Zagreb, where on 16th of July, 1935 finished writing music for the zodiac sign of Cancer. The last movement of the cycle, Gemini, ended in Split on the 15th of August of the same year. According to the data available so far, the suite was premiered in Belgrade on March 8, 1936, at the National Theater as part of the "Matinee of the Ana Maletić Dance Studio". Judging by the musical structure, harmony, and rhythmic component, this dance suite is truly "made in the modernist spirit" and "deals with the different characteristics of the signs that astrology attributes to people." It is also a sort of attempt to outline the psychological characteristics of each individual zodiac sign with music. The sequence of signs, after the introductory part, corresponds to the established order of signs in the horoscope.

Concert tickets are available for purchase at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival website or via ticketing service and at the box office of the Festival Palace (OdSigurate1) every day from 9 am to 9.30 pm. Purchases made with Mastercard® and Maestro® cards receive a 10% discount while all purchases and orders over 500 kuna receive a 30% discount voucher for Festival souvenirs. OTP bank continues the tradition of supporting the Festival, and this year with the loyalty program OTPetica offers its users an additional 10% discount when buying tickets at the box office in the Festival Palace.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will comply with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health for preventing the spread of COVID-19 disease during all festival events, and we kindly ask the audience to do the same.