Dubrovnik 2020: Bidbook Submitted

Date created: 11.02.2016.

The Dubrovnik candidacy team for the European Capital of Culture, with Dubrovnik Summer Festival as one of the members, has submitted the final bidbook to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. Thus, the first and most important obligation in the second and final stage of Croatian cities' candidacy for the European Capital of Culture has been fulfilled. In addition to the presentation before the panel, the bidbook will be decisive for the decision – which Croatian city, alongside with an Irish partner-city, will become a centre of the European cultural and artistic life in 2020.

Cover page of the bidbook

The Dubrovnik candidacy concept, initiated in the pre-selection stage and entitled the City in the Making, remained the same. However, in the selection process it become more detailed and precise through the programme section, the European dimension, and the development of partnership with Croatian and European cities. The work on the programme and the process itself also reflected on the so called „pre-production“ that took place in Dubrovnik in recent months including workshops and presentations (in the fields of heritage, experimental music, visual art and art theory), organised walking tours, visiting lecturers and artistic interventions within the project Candidate City: Public Exposure.

The decision on the ECOC title holder will be reached by the end of March. More info available: