The Festival Presents: Pula Film Festival Winners

Date created: 29.07.2014.

The film “Number 55”, directed by Kristijan Milić and in production of the Croatian Radio Television, was presented The Golden Arena Award in category for best film. Goran Bogdan, Marko Cindrić and Slaven Knezović took on roles in this film based on a true story, which took place in autumn of 1991, when a small group of Croatian soldiers leaves for a patrol in an improvised armoured vehicle of their own production. They are ambushed in the next village and with the vehicle disabled, they are forced to hide. “Number 55” is scheduled on the Festival’s programme on Tuesday, with a start at 9.30 p.m. in the Jadran Open-air Cinema. Following previous traditions, the entrance to this projection is free of charge.

The children’s adventure film “The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker”, directed by Silvije Petranović, is this year’s winner of the Gate of Pula Audience Award. The little shoemaker named simply Hlapić comes across a beautiful circus girl named Gita, who is an orphan just like he is. Over the course of their journey, many adventures and difficulties await, but the duo is brave and happy to help everyone. However, in a full-moon night something terrible happens and  changes everything.  This screen adaptation of one of the most popular stories by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić will take place as part of the Festival’s programme on Wednesday, 30th July at 9 p.m. in the Jadran Open-air Cinema.

Following the projections of awarded domestic films, the Festival’s audience will have the opportunity of seeing two more films selected from the Pula Film Festival’s International programme: Canadian-French thriller-drama “Tom on the Farm”, as well as  Swedish-Danish comedy “We are the Best”. Tickets can be purchased at the price of 30 kunas in the Festival’s sales offices located in the Festival’s Palace, Visia Multimedia Centre, Luža Culture and Information Centre, as well as at the entrance one hour before the scheduled time of the projection.